Make Your Grass Look Green During the Summer

The summer months are when you’ll want to make the most of your garden, entertaining and relaxing in the sun, and you’ll want to keep your garden looking its best. But the summer months are when your garden will need the most care, especially your lawn, which can easily become a bit dry and patchy when the temperatures increase.

While we’re not guaranteed sunshine throughout the summer, the occasional heatwave is welcome by some, but perhaps not your grass. The following guide can help you give the best care to your lawn so it looks its best, even during dry spells.

Here are some top tips for keeping your grass looking green during the summer.

What you’ll need

Maintaining a green lawn is easier if you’ve got the right tools and equipment. To help you keep your lawn green, you’ll need:

  • Watering system (hose, sprinklers, etc.)
  • Lawn feed
  • Lawnmower
  • Gardening tools

When to cut your grass

Usually, grass needs cutting twice a week to help keep it looking its best. However, in warm, dry weather, you should think about reducing this to once a week. You should put your blade on the highest setting to keep the grass longer, as it can weaken when cut short.

Mid-morning and after-afternoon are generally the best times to mow your lawn, as the temperature will be fairly cool, but the morning dew will have evaporated.

In the summer, many people will leave grass cuttings to keep the lawn moist, helping your grass to get the nutrients it needs.

Watering your grass

During a heatwave, you may need to water your grass to keep it looking green. Signs a lawn needs watering include dry, discoloured grass, as well as dry, cracked soil. You can create holes in the soil to aerate your lawn and allow the water to be better absorbed.

It’s best to water your garden as the sun is setting, as this will give it longer to absorb the water. You can use a sprinkler system to give your lawn a wide and even covering.

Be careful not to over-water your lawn. You’ll know this to be the matter if water begins to run onto your patio and other areas. Move onto a different area to make sure you’re not saturating your lawn.

Add lawn feed to give your grass a boost

Lawn feed is useful to help give your grass some extra nutrients, especially if there’s been a prolonged dry spell. Only use lawn feed when your lawn is sufficiently moist to allow it to be absorbed. Adding lawn feed after watering in the evening will let your lawn absorb it overnight.

Take care of weeds

Weeds can have an impact on the health of your grass, attempting to get any moisture they can get during dry weather. Now is the ideal time to take care of them and eliminate any competition for your lawn. Pulling them out at the root can get rid of your biggest weeds, while triple-action granules can help to fertilize your lawn while taking care of weeds at the same time.

Maintaining your lawn after the heatwave

Following the steps above should help you maintain a nice green lawn throughout the summer. Once the dry weather is over, take a good look at your lawn to identify any dead or damaged spots that need some TLC. You might need to reseed some areas. Proper care and maintenance throughout the rest of the year can get your grass ready for next summer, ready to enjoy the sunshine once more.

Maintaining your lawn can be easy work if you stay on top of it. Make it a regular task alongside watering your plants and flowers, cleaning your patio and so on. If you’re short on time or you tend to be away a lot during the summer, then hiring someone to mow your lawn can be an effective way of keeping it in shape. Lawn experts will be able to advise on the products and treatments needed to keep your lawn looking lush and green, ready to be the envy of your neighborhood.

Taking steps to keep your grass looking green during the summer will ensure your lawn receives the best care. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your lawn, so familiarise yourself with the steps above to keep your lawn looking fresh throughout the summer.

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